Welcome to Felisfire - Planet of the Xenofelinoids.

It was all over the news, all over the world. A coalition of Terran-governments launched an exploration to one of the myriad of M-class planets. Scientists from around the globe joined the expedition.

Courageous souls wanted - Book passage on the VoidHawk to Felisfire..

Scientists urged to apply! Join the expidition to Felisfire - the Planet of Xenofelinoid..


Build a laboratory and breed the xenofelinoid.

Xenofelinoid also known as felis. Breed them in the traditional manner or using extracted DNA!


Explore the world.

Gather indigenous flora and fauna to add to your collection.

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Custom Felis Created!

Notable Feli

Create and Customize Felis:

Create your first feli with a custom base, nose, eyes, markings! You decide, not a random roll. Modify your felis with DNA patches - add or remove markings. There are multiple different xenotypes (species) from which to chose. Add the felis into your laboratory, modify them, breed them, exchange them with other members.

Cryogenically Freeze Your Felis:

Cryo Chambers allow you to freeze your felis. They will stop aging and be in suspended animation indefinitely. They can be revived at any time.


Join the Community:

Collect items and hunt with your felis. Give your felis pets and ornaments. Trade with other players. Learn how to extract DNA from them. The FelisFire experiment awaits!