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Terms of Service & Rules

The purpose of these Terms is to make you, the user, aware of the laws applicable to accessing this site. A user, or player, is defined as someone who created an account for Felisfire.com. You are required to have read and understood these Terms, failure to comply with them will prohibit you from using or accessing Felisfire.com. If you disagree or do not understand these terms, do not access the Felisfire.com website.

Hereafter, "FELIS" refers to Felisfire.com and its administration and staff. When you access this site, you are bound to comply with these Terms of Service. It is your responsibility to follow them. In failing to do so, you risk being temporarily or permanently banned from the site. You are also responsible for following the local laws of your state.

Privacy Policy

We value your privacy. The information we collect during the registration process is used for maintaining the user's account and for account safety. User Passwords are encrypted for your safety. FELIS will not release any personal information except as required by the laws of the United States, or in the event that FELIS must defend itself against a user chargeback and present account information and purchase information to a credit card or PayPal representative. We collect the following information upon registration: user name, user password, valid e-mail address, IP address of registration, and birthday.

To abide by all COPPA laws, we have disabled registration to anyone under the age of 13. We therefore, do not collect personal information from children under 13.

Site Rules

In addition to the ToS, while using FELIS, you agree to be bound by the following rules. You agree that you will follow this list of rules.

1. General Site Rules

* Abide by the TOS (this document).
* Conduct yourself in a mature fashion.
* Honor a user's request to cease communications with you.
* Do not harass a user through PM or any other communication system.
* Do not post derogatory, racially offensive, or explicit material anywhere on the FELIS site.
* Do not provide your phone number, home address, or real name on the forums.
* Felisfire is an English-only site. This means that all registrations, communication (on the forum or in PMs) and any other place that you post on the site must be in English. This is to ensure that the moderators can read and understand what is being written and monitor it properly.
* Recognize the authority of the owner, and all other staff members, and abide by all requests made by these parties.
* Treat all users with respect on all areas of the Felisfire.com site.
* Use correct grammar, punctuation and capitalization on all areas of the Felisfire.com site and refrain from using “chatspeak” anywhere on the site (your profile, the forums, etc.). This rule includes your site application.

2. Forum Rules

* Abide by the Rules in Section 1.
* Accept all responsibility for any actions taken against your e-mail or IM name should you choose to post either of these.
* You will not bump your topic within twenty-four hours of your last bump.
* You will not excessively advertise other websites or outside services.
* You will not initiate or participate in any flame-baiting or harassment of another user.
* You will not post, link to, or exhibit pornography, racist or derogatory material, cult creation, or any other materials forbidden by the TOS.
* You will not post spam or multiple threads for the same purpose.
* You will not use profanity in the titles of your forum threads.
* You will not use profanity except in threads with a [M] in the title.
* Respect all users and staff and their opinions.
* Review all pinned threads in the "Help" forum prior to posting a question in said forum.

3. Breeding & Sales Rules

* You agree to abide by the Rules in Section 1 & 2.
* Disgorge additional offspring or offspring rights/purchase rights to the rightful owner prior to attempting to put said offspring up for sale (associated with breeding rights).
* You agree to fulfill all transactions negotiated between you and another user.
* You agree to honor all breeding agreements that involve you.
* You agree to honor all sales agreements made, such as "auto buys" and "end of auctions".
* You agree to not attempt to coerce or force others to lower their prices or change their terms.
* You agree to not attempt to conceal information upon which the sale is dependent, such as breeding rights associated with any xenofelinoid.
* You agree to not conduct transactions that involve real world money or any website's property from a website that forbids cross-site trading.
* You agree to not falsify information regarding any sale.
* You agree to not offer energy, orbs, FELIS pets, FELIS items, or other FELIS wealth that you do not own and cannot conceivably obtain at the time of purchase.
* You agree to not sell or attempt to sell anything (xenofelinoids, item, etc.) that you do not have in your possession at the time for immediate transfer.


All content in and of Felisfire.com and related to FELIS pets, NPCs, or concepts is solely the property of Felisfire.com's owner. This includes derivative artwork, written works, pets generated, and suggestions and ideas made by and for Felisfire.com. You may display your pets on your personal websites so long as there is a clear (c) Felisfire.com listed on the image and a direct link to Felisfire.com. You may only post images of xenofelinoids that belong to your account.

The ability to share screenshots from Felisfire newsposts, forums, or other message areas on other sites are permitted, provided all associated names are blurred out and unable to be read by the viewers. The Owner and the Programmers are the exception to this rule, and their names may be visible.

As a user you, or your legal guardian(s), give FELIS the rights to use any written works, art, ideas and suggestions that you have submitted or uploaded to this site that are related to FELIS. This includes any materials, data or games you may submit. This is a non-verbal, non-reversible and exclusive right to use anything you have submitted related to FELIS in any way we see fit. We have a right to modify, republish, or transmit any of your submissions to Felisfire.com. Any and all information received becomes the automatic property of the owner at FELIS, including any art, written works, coding and other information related based on or related to FELIS. When you submit any information, written work, materials or any of the aforementioned things, you are acknowledging that you are the rightful owner of it and thereby take all responsibility for it.


Each FELIS user is allowed one account. Users found creating multiple accounts must submit an explanation to Felisfire's owner, Madame Adelaide, and it must be satisfactory according to the owner's discretion. If the reason is not satisfactory, the user will be made to give up one of the accounts for banning. Non-compliance or creating other accounts after this first warning will result in permanent ban of the user's IP address. Users who wish to trade or buy another's account must follow the rules laid out on the Moving Logs forum board prior to moving. Users are allowed to share accounts according to the next section.

Note that two or more players who send all of their income contents of accounts, including but not limited to free promotional items, event items, or "daily" game items, will be considered "multiple accounts." Users may not ask their friends, family, or other individuals to sign up solely to gain the wealth from the friend's account. While gifting is allowed and encouraged, remember that all accounts should be playing for their sake, and not to make a single account rich.

Each user is allowed to 'start over' their account. A start over allows the user to begin playing again as though you were a new user. This means that all the user's game assets will be taken from them, and the user will only retain their account ID number. The user will in essence become a new player again. Users are allowed to start over only once.

Account Sharing

If an account is shared between two people, this is still considered to be one account. Be aware that in sharing a single account, the actions of both players are held equally responsible for all aspects involving said account. It does not matter if the other player(s) sharing this account are aware of the rules being broken, the punishment will still apply to the dual account the same as a single player account, regardless of whether or not the other person knew the rules had been broken or not.

Those users who wish to share accounts must go through the proper channels to do so. This includes the creation of individual accounts prior to sharing an account and informing Felisfire's staff of this partnership.

Users Under 18 on FELIS

No one under the age of 13 is allowed to have an account on Felisfire. Those who are under the age limit will have their accounts banned until they reached 13. Users under the age of 18 must make their parental or guardian units aware of the Felisfire.com Terms of Service and must obtain parental permission to access the site. Felisfire.com is not a children's site. While we allow younger users to play on the site, it is with the expectation that they and their parents have read our Terms of Service and understand it. This site is geared towards a more mature audience, and it fosters mature, adult discussions as well as allowing creativity of character. Users under the age of 18 are to be aware that any content on the site labeled as [M] is not meant to be accessed by users under the age of 18. If a parent discovers their minor on Felisfire.com and would like the child's account disabled, the parent is welcome to email the site owner [email protected] and the request will be fulfilled.

Due to allowing minors access to Felisfire.com, any suspicion regarding a sexual predator is to be immediately reported to the administration. This includes any form of sexual harassment or innuendo directed towards a minor, or a user seeking to gain personal information about a minor, be it from that minor or through another user. Anyone under serious suspicion of being a sexual predator will have their IP permanently banned and a report made to their ISP.

Expected Behavior of Users on FELIS

Users are expected to conduct themselves in a mature fashion at all times. Excessive rudeness or a hurtful, ridiculing attitude toward any player (user or staff), site feature, or site amenity will not be tolerated. When discussing a sensitive topic (such as religion, politics, sexuality, etc.), users must remember to remain respectful and should keep any criticism aimed at the issue instead of each other. Voicing dislike for a political/religious figure or group is one thing; however, personal attacks and insults toward other FELIS members is another. While everyone is allowed to convey their opinions, they must be expressed in a way that does not seek to insult or berate, but rather to improve or calmly discuss the topic at hand. Users utilizing the "Rants" forum should consider taking a step back and allow their thoughts to settle before posting potentially inflammatory material to ensure they are handling the topic appropriately.

Mature Forum Topics

The following topics are considered to be mature [M]: politics, religion, sex, sexual innuendo or jokes, artistic nudity, sexuality, self harm or other such behavior or thoughts and excessive swearing. These topics are to be marked with [M] so that any user under the age of 18 should know full well that they are meant for mature audiences, and those not interested in such topics can know not to view them. These discussions may not be explicit in any way. Sexual harassment or sexual behavior geared towards another player will result in immediate removal of the topic and a warning given to the person or persons involved. This also extends to private messages, and users should report such matters to the administration so that they may take immediate action. Permanent ban will result if this behavior continues. These discussions are meant to allow freedom of speech within limitations for our more mature users. They are to be read and participated in at the user's discretion.

Explicit Material

No user may post any material that is sexually explicit or that is illegal in any way on Felisfire.com. This includes any and all areas of the site, such as forums, private messages, pet pages and user profiles. Any and all forms of pornography, be they written or visual, are strictly prohibited. This includes bestiality and any works that exhibit child sexuality or the sexual relationship of a child with an adult. Explicit swearing or vulgarity of any form will not be tolerated, as it is uncalled for in any given situation.

Forbidden Topics of Discussion

The following topics are forbidden to be discussed on Felisfire.com, be it via the forums, PMs, chat speak, or any other form of communication on the site: pornography, pedophilia, cult creation, or the killing or harm of another person, be it another user or a person not associated with FELIS. The state of Michigan, where the server is located, forbids the discussion of these topics, and as such, anyone found doing so will risk banning of either their account or IP from the site. While we allow freedom of speech within limitations, we must abide by the server location’s state laws, and therefore request that any and all users do the same. If you have other questions concerning the state laws of Michigan, please refer to this site.

FELIS is a Private Website

Felisfire.com is a private website. A user may be asked to leave for any reason, regardless of that user’s standing, behavior, or donation habits. All accounts, virtual items, virtual currency (Energy, Orbs), coding, virtual pets, images, and content are the property of FELIS administration, and may be seized for any reason. All registration applications must be reviewed before gaining access to the FELIS site. This is not a public or open website, and it is within the rights of the FELIS administration to revoke privileges to any user to access this site for any reason, regardless of the user's actions on the Felisfire.com site. A warning and reason will be given in both these circumstances.

FELIS reserves the right to change the services provided by our site to any of our users at any time and for any reason. This includes changes to fees and charges for the services this site provides. We reserve the right to ban, permanently ban and IP ban users of this site, including users' accounts and all involved with said accounts. We may change the hardware/software as well as terminate anything related to the site, or FELIS as a whole, as is the right of the administration. Felisfire.com will continue to be a private site, not open to the public but continuing to use the application forms for invites and new members. Users who purchase premium for their accounts will not be granted any refund in the event of the site closing.

Orbs and the Cash Shop

When you buy ORBS from FELIS "Buy Orbs" feature, you do so with the realization that your purchase is non-refundable. We will not return Orbs used to purchase Premium. No matter what the given circumstance, we will not return your money or orbs to you. When you transfer your money and complete a successful transaction through one of the designated payment services to FELIS, your money is non-refundable. Should your account be permanently banned, you will not have your Orbs, Cash Shop items, or money refunded. Should your account be hacked or a glitch robs you of your Orbs or Cash Shop items, it will be at the administration's discretion whether or not to help you regain your Orbs or Cash Shop items.

FELIS administration reserves the rights to not refund or give back any of your Orbs or Cash Shop items to your account for any reason should they be lost. Also, the user is solely responsible for any charges incurred by themselves in the use of our service. Any charges incurred to FELIS through illegal transactions or legal fees are the liability of the user involved. The user agrees and accepts that FELIS will not be liable or responsible for charges or fees made from either their bank or credit card provider during the transactions to FELIS or payment services FELIS has chosen to use. The user agrees that initiating a PayPal Dispute or a chargeback regarding Orbs payment will result in an immediate, permanent ban unless the payment disputed as well as any incurred charges to Felisfire.com are paid by the user to Felisfire.com.

USD Sales and Cross-Site Trading

Users may not sell any accounts, pets, items, currency, or any other property of Felisfire.com for real-life money, including but not limited to United States Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, Gift Cards from any source such as Visa, Mastercard, Amazon Gift Cards, Steam Gift Cards, etc. Trading or selling FELIS virtual items and currencies for real life items or merchandise is also prohibited. FELIS allows users to trade their FELIS pets, items, and currency for any pets, items, and currency on other sites, providing said site also allows reciprocal trading. The exception is Second Life - users may not trade for Second Life virtual amenities. Users may sell original artwork, graphics, coding, writing, etc. for real-life currencies provided they do not contain any official FELIS artwork.

Cheating, Scamming, and Glitches

Cheating is not allowed. It will result in permanent banning. This includes the making of multiple accounts, using auto-buyers, auto-refreshers, or any other similar programs to play FELIS. Any user who presents FELIS administration with concrete information regarding the use of programs by other user(s) and, which leads the FELIS administration to take action against said users will be rewarded in the amount of five Orbs.

Scamming is also not allowed, anyone who has been scammed is to report to FELIS administration so that we may take immediate action.

All glitches or bugs that allow a user to unlawfully gain energy, orbs, FELIS, and items must be reported directly to the administration through Bug Reports and not listed in the forums. Posting a glitch in the forums will result in a temporary ban, the length of which will be determined by the gravity of the glitch. Posting a glitch or bug that does not allow unlawful gain is permitted, and should be reported through Bug Reports, or via direct PM to the administration.

Usage of Site Resources

Any user found to be using a disproportionate amount of site resources compared to other active, online users may be banned by FELIS Administration. It may be a temporary or permanent ban according to how many times the user has caused the service to malfunction for other users. An example of abusing site resources is holding down the F5 button on games. Users found holding down the F5 button on games will be temporarily banned, or permanently banned if they have been found doing that prior and caused server stress with their actions.

Profanity and Flaming

As a mature orientated site, Felisfire.com does allow the use of swearing on the forums, so long as it is not explicitly done. Forum titles, user names, and signatures may not have profanity in them. Forum boards with swearing in them must be marked with [M] as a mature board, and the thread starter must allow the use of profanity on said board. Swear words that require [M] are defined as: ass, bastard, bitch, fuck, and shit. Banned words may not be posted on the Felisfire.com site except in the context of a written piece of literature (such as a story or poem) and must be marked with [M] in the title. Banned words are: cunt, dyke, faggot and nigger. Flaming, defined as insulting another member both directly to that member or indirectly to another member, through forums, PMs, or the site's messaging features, is not allowed under any circumstances. If a member is breaking this rule by goading you on, report to a moderator or administration. Remember to be respectful to all members. Debating is allowed so long as it is not taken out of hand.

Spam and Copy/Pasting

Do not post any short, useless posts on any of the money gaining forums; alternately do not copy and paste any material you have not written onto any money gaining forums. Spamming is not allowed. In a forum with energy-gaining potential, this will usually be members trying to gain Energy by posting useless and unnecessary things. Don't do it. Also, do not spam a user's profile or PMs with chain mail or pyramid schemes.


Users hereby acknowledge that FELIS has limited control over which users gain access to Felisfire.com. We have no responsibility to take any action regarding what materials you access, and what effects said materials may have on you. Nor do we hold responsibility for how you may interpret or use said materials, or what actions you take as a result of having been exposed to these materials. As we are primarily a mature audience based site, FELIS may contain links to websites and threads on our forums that some users may find offensive or inappropriate, and FELIS does not endorse such links. In accessing Felisfire.com, you are hereby releasing FELIS for all liability for your having acquired or not acquired materials through this site. You are agreeing to hold FELIS and its staff harmless from any claims, losses, damages, liabilities, including legal matters, fees, and situations arising out of your use or misuse of Felisfire.com, violation of these Terms of Service, violation of the rights of any other user, or any breach made by you or another user on this site. FELIS reserves the right, at your expense, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter for which you are required to indemnify FELIS, and you agree to cooperate with FELIS defense of these claims.


Users posting any form of content on Felisfire.com accept responsibility for all liability for content they have posted. Felisfire.com and the administration will not be held responsible for any copyright infringement; however, if users of Felisfire.com are found infringing copyright, FELIS will comply with any request involving this. Requests by an original copyright holder may be sent to [email protected] with information regarding the violation. Users who steal art, writing, or otherwise claim the works of others as theirs may be banned. Software piracy is also illegal, and you may not post any links to any pirated software nor discuss it. Discussing and sharing warez may result in permanent banning.

Personal Information

Do not share any personal information on the forums or any of the provided messaging systems. The administration at FELIS does not recommend the sharing of personal information with anyone you do not know in real life. FELIS is not responsible for the consequences of any user who wishes to share personal information despite this warning. Do not give any user personally identifiable information such as your physical address, picture, school name, last name, or telephone number. Providing your email or instant messenger is at your discretion, though it is advised you do it only through PM.

Posing as a Staff Member

Do not pose as administration, artist, moderator, programmer, writer, or any other person in a position of power on the site unless you have been awarded that status.

Passwords and Logins

FELIS administration will never ask you for password or login information. Therefore, if you receive any messages requesting this kind of information, be sure to immediately report it to administration. Users found requesting the passwords and login information of others in an attempt to scam will be banned permanently from the site.

Malicious Viruses or Software

Anyone who links to malicious virus or software will be immediately IP banned from Felisfire.com, and a report will be sent to your current internet provider.

Legal Matters

By playing on this site, you agree that you cannot hold FELIS responsible for the liability of any legal issues. You may not attempt, threaten or try to sue FELIS or any of its staff regarding any matter or issue. We have done what we can to ensure a safe, player friendly site for our members; it is their responsibility to have read these Terms of Service and to comply with them. You are hereby agreeing not to hold FELIS or any of the staff involved responsible for any loss, claim, expense or legal matters including but not limited to theft of personal information, non-compliance of the Terms of Service resulting in consequences to yourself or those involved, loss of service to your user account, including but not limited to Cash Shop items, items, currencies and pets.

Changes to ToS

If any of these Terms of Service have changed and affects you, the administration will post notices in the news. The user is responsible for checking the updated Terms of Service once notified of the need to do so. For any further questions not covered by the Terms of Service, or you are unsure about something contained in them, contact the FELIS administration.
Updated January 17, 2023